2016  Coalition // Epoch CIRCA 13, Austin TX

2014  the room is very deeply our room //Epoch CIRCA 13 Austin, TX

2012  Love & Loess: works for places & people // Once Over, Austin TX

2010  false beards of dignity //bIRDHOUSE Gallery, Austin TX

2009  Mrs. Jimmy Stewart & the Near-Human Hand // bIRDHOUSE, ATX

2008  Salt Orphans // Café Mundi, Austin TX

2008 'Becomes' is a Quiet Answer// BookPeople, Austin TX

2007 Post-Postcard // Café Mundi, Austin TX

2006 don't you always have to do that every time i...// Café Mundi, ATX

2002 relic: An Installation //College of the Atlantic, Bar Harbor ME