photograph by Amanda Gorence

Inspired by the radical editorial empowerment and serious playfulness of collage works by Lorna Simpson, Eva Hesse, Hannah Hoch and Jess, Cherie Weaver liberates images across print media, modifying and recalibrating with an intent to subvert both form and context.

Weaver's recent practice includes "coalitions," "resonant re-framings," and other aggregate works on paper. She builds heady compositions of re-configured magazine cut-aways, altered maps, architechtural vellum and found photos to which overlays of original mark-making in gouache, acrylic, ink, color pencil and graphite are applied. Weaver often stitches through these aggregate layers with needle and thread, establishing a functional--as well as formal--connective field. Her recent themes center biospheric symbiosis, intersectional solidarity and (r)evolutionary mutability.

Interdisciplinary studies in Human Ecology inform her practice and activism. Exhibitions in Austin include the 2009 solo installation Mrs. Jimmy Stewart & the Near-Human Hand at Kevin Foote's bIRDHOUSE Gallery, 2010's Memento Mori with Suzanne Koett and John Mulvany and curated by Jill Schroeder at grayDUCK Gallery and the group show METAMORPHOSIS curated by artist/gallerist Moya McIntyre in 2017.

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